New EU Allergen legislation is enforceable from December 2014.
Operators, including: Hotels, restaurants, take-aways, pubs, canteens, mobile/event caterers, schools, hospitals, basically the entire catering and hospitality industry, anywhere that “loose” foods are sold, will be ill prepared to respond to this legislation without prior preparation.
Allergen Accreditation is set up to help Food Catering Outlets to understand, accredit businesses and promote good practices regarding the 14 allergens that the new EU Allergy Law encompasses.

Our Allergen’s list

White bread: gluten (wheat), yeast
Sourdough bread: gluten (wheat, rye), yeast
Granary bread: Gluten (wheat, rye, oat, barley), sesame seeds, brown and yellow linseeds, sunflower seeds, yeast
Campaillette: gluten (wheat), yeast
Country: Gluten (wheat, rye), yeast
Burger: gluten (wheat), egg, dairy, sesame seeds or oat, yeast
Brioche: gluten (wheat), egg, dairy, sesame seeds, yeast
Focaccia : gluten (wheat), olive oil, rosemary, yeast
Ciabatta : gluten (wheat), vegetable oil, yeast. The Brown Ciabatta also contains rye floor
Morning rolls: gluten (wheat), vegetable oil, yeast
Pastries: Gluten (wheat), dairy, sugar
Raisin roulade also contains eggs and raisin
Pepito also contains eggs
Almond croissant also contains almond
Scones: dairy, gluten (wheat), raisin, yeast, sugar
Quiches and tartlets: dairy, gluten (wheat)
Quiche Lorraine: Dairy, egg, gluten (wheat), bacon
Quiche salmon: dairy, egg, gluten (wheat), salmon, dill
Quiche goat’s cheese: dairy, egg, gluten ( wheat), goats cheese, tomato
Quiche vegetarian: dairy, egg, gluten ( wheat), tomatoes, peppers
Strawberry tart/tartlet: Strawberry, dairy, egg, gluten ( wheat), sugar
Plum tart/tartlet: Plum, dairy, egg, sugar, gluten (wheat), almond
Pear tart/tarlet: pear, dairy, egg, sugar, gluten (wheat), almond
Lemon tart/tarlet: lemon, egg, dairy, sugar, gluten (wheat)
Chocolate tart/tartlet: chocolate, dairy, egg, gluten (wheat), sugar
Brownie: dairy, gluten (wheat), nuts, egg, chocolate